Hosted VoIP ~ The future of communications

Fully hosted in the cloud offering vastly improved phone communications, removing the need to pay for any unnecessary on-site routing equipment.

Fed up of contacting your provider when something is wrong? With Hosted VoIP, you can make real-time changes to your phone system in just a few easy clicks.
Using cloud technology, our platform guarantees uncontested HD quality voice and data to be transmitted through a single internet connection.

By 2022, BT will transition all landlines to cloud-based technology, meaning Hosted VoIP is a secure investment in the future of communications.
By seamlessly sending voice and data over the internet, businesses can reduce monthly expenses by up to 50%.
Hosted VoIP can be adapted for unique, complex solutions to your specific business needs, in a way that is impossible with traditional telephony.
It can instantly be used anywhere in the world, perfect for growing businesses, remote workers and location changes.
If disaster strikes, work and communications will continue as normal. Cloud-based technology can back up data in real-time for assurance and easy-access.
Hosted VoIP can easily be adapted to grow with your changing business needs, without minimal need for internal phone management.

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